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Great to see the joy of reunion of Valentina and daughter with her parents

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Great to see the joy of reunion of Valentina and daughter with her parents

Valentina Ronny Braganza and her one month old daughter Samaira were brought to Immanuel Mercy Home Ashram on 6th October 2017. She had a terrible past. She was staying with her boyfriend in Mumbai in a living relationship for 5 years. The parents disowned her when she left them. The relationship with her boyfriend became worse when Valentina got pregnant. He started beating her up and treating her badly. He left her after she delivered a baby girl. She was on the streets with her daughter and Karunya Trust people came for her rescue and brought her and child to Ashram.

We took care of both Valentina and her daughter Samira for the last 3 years and 4 months with great care. We took care of all their needs and gave them a new life. We also started talking to her parents, slowly her parents forgave her. They started visiting her and their granddaughter. Finally parents decided to take back home their daughter and granddaughter. On 15th February, 2021, Valentina’s dad Ronny Felix Braganza came to Ashram took his daughter and granddaughter back to his house.

We are so happy to see the reunion of a family. We at Immanuel Mercy Home Ashram family pray to God that Valentina and her daughter Samaira have a great life ahead. All glory and Honors goes to our loving and merciful Father.

We appreciate and thankful for your Prayers and support. We look forward to your continued support and Prayers. God bless you all.