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The life of Mr. Muralidharan (aged 50) was in a terrible state. He was lying on a cremation ground (Shamshan Bhumi) without two legs in an unkempt, unshaven and unwashed condition. He survived there by the food provision of people who came there. Though, it was not a regular provision so that he did not have food for most of the days. His situation was deeply pathetic because of the aches and pains that he had endured for past few years. He came there after the hospitals rejected his further treatment. He was born and brought up in Kerala. In his young age, he left his home and came to Mumbai to find a better life. Slowly and steadily, he started to build his life. Meanwhile, he fell in love with a lady from another community. Later, they married and were blessed with a child. Unfortunately, the child died soon after few days of the birth. His wife was incapable to handle the loss of the child. Consequently, she became mentally disturbed.

Since then, the unhappy situations followed in his life one after another. The tragic and unexpected incidents affected his life style too. Moreover, he became a diabetic patient. Meanwhile, he got a small injury in his right leg. The injury started to grow and it did not get healed due to his reckless life. However, he was working so tirelessly for survival irrespective of his life situation. As days passed by, the condition of the wound became more worsen. Then, he was compelled to go the hospital. After investigation of his injury, doctors advised him to remove his three fingers from his right leg. Sadly, he had to agree to doctor’s advice. Though his three fingers from the leg were removed, the condition of that leg became more and more aggravate. The woeful condition continued with him, he also got septic on that removed area which had gradually spread all over the right leg. As a result, he had to suffer the loss of his right leg – the upper side of that leg was cut off.

His misery continued, his left leg also got a small bruise by an injury. Same situation occurred in that leg also. As a result his three fingers from his left leg too had to be removed. Later, he was thrown off from the hospital and waiting for the death in the cremation ground. Literally, his life fell into the misery of deepest degradation of the life. At that juncture of his life, the helping hand of the Ashram came upon his life and brought him to the Ashram. Since he came here, we started the treatments for the healing of his legs.

By the grace of God, his all the wounds on both legs got healed completely. The life in the Ashram carried away his misery and all the bitterness of past sad days, thus he is leading a happy and peaceful life now.