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There is always a person behind any movement. It is literally true to this great movement
Pastor Sinu Mathew
Founder – Immanuel Mercy Home Ashram

God had put a great vision in him for the lost and needy people. As he imparted his vision to his beloved wife Malika Sinu, he got unimaginable support from her as she willingly disowned her career in abroad and joined with him to bring hope to the hopeless and joy to those who were lost in despair. Therefore, now it is not only limited to his vision but his family’s vision because his children are also supporting him in this ministry.

As a family, they are giving care and love to the people who are unloved, uncared and unknown in society. They clean those who are unclean, heal those who have wounds, feed those who are hungry, cure those who are sick, provide shelter to those who are homeless, and they provide education to the uneducated.

Therefore, all the residents of the Ashram (they never see any of them as an inmate but as family members), call Pastor Sinu Mathew and Sister Malika Sinu as “Pappa and Mamma!”

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