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Immanuel Destitute Home

The Immanuel Destitute Home
Where the old & destitute are loved!

Unloved, uncared, unkempt and sometimes unknown the old and destitute are picked up and brought to the Immanuel Destitute Home next door… they stare with disbelief as they are washed, their beards are shaved and they look presentable again. Some have wounds, which would make you squirm, but not the couple, Pastor Sinu Mathew and wife Mallika. They clean those wounds, feed those hungry mouths and repair their souls, as the old suddenly discover the meaning of being loved!

It all started with Pastor Sinu seeing with horror, a semi-naked man eating from a rubbish bin. That was when he saw the need to have a home for the destitute. Mallika, his wife is a trained nurse and all medical care is done by both of them, caringly and painstakingly. Today the home has 89 inmates, in different stages of treatment, but all of them know their Pappa and mama love them dearly.

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