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What we do


Our main objective is to try to help and rescue the lost and the forgotten, the helpless and the homeless, the sick and the mentally disordered, men and women, who have been wandering or lay on the streets and railway stations of Mumbai.

Finally, we bring them to the Ashram (through the referrals of police or railway police, we do the rescue work in most cases)

Medical Care

Our prior and foremost provision to a new member of the Ashram is to provide a medical checkup and care to bring them back to normal life because most of our new members are suffering from different deathly diseases such as AIDS, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, Anaemia, etc or mentally retarded.

Through the lovely care, the lives of many sick people have miraculously changed and leading a normal life for the glory of God.


We never restrict ourselves to keep people,who we found, with us forever but give the best effort to find their dear & loved ones and reunite them with their family. We do this through the information collected from them itself such as phone numbers, address, etc. If we are successful in our efforts, then a joyous reunion will follow immediately with the relatives and family.

Unfortunately, in some cases, if their family members are not ready to take back the person or once taken from here but not ready to continue the care in their homes, those people are brought to the Ashram. We do care them and give remedial treatments till their death and are given the respectful funeral.


Since we found a destitute, we provide that person with the basic needs such as clothing, food, shelter, medical care and in most cases cleansing them. And most importantly, we give love and care. The core of our purpose and mission is to restore the broken and lost people to a meaningful and God-driven purposeful life.


We are providing the best education possible for our children. All our children are studying in English medium schools. Because we believe that education is a very vital and important tool because it is used to mitigate most of the challenges faced in life and is very necessary for all to go ahead in life.

Hence, we strive to provide better education to our children as it develops confidence and helps build the personality of a person to face tomorrow and groom them into educated, responsible citizens of our country.

They Don’t Know Love

Under flyovers, on footpaths, wherever they can manage to lay their heads, they lie there; broken, battered, beaten by life, ravaged by sickness and illness, succumbing to addictions and escapism. The last thought in their mind is about love. They know that the world doesn’t care for them. They know there is no hope left. They believe there is no one who will ever love them again.

Until the Immanuel Mercy Home Ashram came into their lives, they were seemingly in a state of despair. At that point, a couple, Pastor Sinu Mathew and his wife Mallika Sinu walked into their lives. They bring hope to the hopeless and joy to those who lost in despair! A new life and hope to all.

Selflessly together, they have built two homes, Immanuel Destitute Home for both men & Women who have no one to love and care and Immanuel Mercy Children’s Care Home for children from the ‘Red Light’ areas. These homes are ministry of Immanuel Mercy Mission.

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