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Our History

Immanuel Mercy Home Ashram is a small lamp lighted by God in the heart of Pastor Sinu Mathew. It was a humble beginning with 3  children on 25th March 2010. Since then, Immanuel Mercy Home Ashram is committed to giving a comfortable and peaceful life to destitute people and underprivileged children, young and old, men and women in need who are lost in Mumbai and ended up as destitute on streets, roadsides, railway platforms, bus stands, under flyovers of Mumbai. Thus, the Ashram has now been a referral point for Police, Railway Police and Hospitals in Mumbai.

Within Immanuel Mercy Home Ashram, we have two separate wings: the first one is Immanuel Children’s Care Home which is a Children’s Home where underprivileged children are taken care of and provide them food, housing, education, clothing, etc. and the second on is Immanuel Destitute Home, here we rehabilitate the rescued people from the streets of Mumbai and provide them with Food, Shelter, Clothing and Medical needs throughout the year.

Immanuel Children’s Care Home is the first initiation of the Immanuel Mercy Home Ashram. This Home is tirelessly working for the empowerment of underprivileged children. It was started with three children. As years passed by, more children were added to the children’s home and now 30 children are joyfully leading a blessed life here. Most of the children are taken out from the ‘Red Light’ areas of Grant Road, Kamathipura and Sonapur. We know that food can fill their beliefs, but we believe that love can change their hearts so we love them wholeheartedly. Therefore, we are providing the best education possible for the children. All our children are studying in English medium schools as we believe that education is a very vital and important tool as it develops confidence and helps to build better personality to face the future challenges and groom them into educated and responsible citizens.

Immanuel Destitute Home was the second initiation of the Immanuel Mercy Home Ashram. In 2013, the Ashram started the destitute home after seeing the pathetic condition of people on the streets of Mumbai. We have separate wings for men and Women. Most of our members are infected with different deathly diseases like AIDS, TB, Cancer, mental problems and other illness. We are rescuing the people from the dirtiest and darkest places of Mumbai. Many of them are lost or forsaken and abandoned by their family due to their severe diseases.  We provide them with basic human needs like shelter, clothing, food and health care. Some of our members are not able to handle themselves (even their basic necessities) due to their old age or physical condition, in such cases, we are doing all the needs accordingly.

As much as possible, we also try to help them (destitute people whom we found on the streets of Mumbai) to reunify with their families through the help of police and counselling (to find the whereabouts of their family). Till now, we have helped 372 lost people to reunite with their dear ones all over India.

We are privileged to provide dignified deathbeds and funeral/burials to abandoned, unwanted and unloved people in society. Since the inception of the Ashram, we could give peaceful and satisfying last rites to 56 people.

In the course of this journey, a baby boy was born in the Ashram whose mother came while she was pregnant. Moreover, we could care for three newborn babies and six small kids so far. We consider being a blessing to take care of small children and count on…

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