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Back to Life from the edge of the death.

Immanuel Mercy Home Ashram could have given a shelter to Shabana Malik (aged 20) at very vital point of her life and brought her back to life just after she narrowly escaped from a suicide attempt. She was rescued from the railway track while she was merely jumping in-front of a train which was swiftly approaching towards her. The reason of this attempt was from the frustration and the loss of hope for the future.

She was born and brought up in Gujarat. She fell in love with a boy of her age. Later, she eloped with her boyfriend to Mumbai. After they reached Mumbai, they were spending the nights in different stations of Mumbai due to the lack of money and other contacts. A lady noticed and enquired their details while they were sitting in a railway station. As she came to know about their situation, she arranged a room in a slum for them and a job for her lover in a construction site.

As their life was moving slowly and steadily, there were some misunderstanding erupted in their life.This issue continued in their life and led initially into small arguments which later became very serious and then ended very badly. As a result, her lover left her and did not come back. However, she expected his return and stayed in her room. After some time, there was no sign of his return so she stepped out for his search. All her attempts to find him went in vain. Her failed efforts led her into great distress. Finally, she lost her hope and decided to jump in front of a train. In a fraction of second, Railway Police came on the spot and pulled her out from the track just before the train came closer to her. Then the Railway Police brought her to the Ashram. By the love of God, we accepted her in the Ashram. To bring her back to normal life, we gave care and counseling because she was mentally and physically very weak. Through our continuous efforts, she had been improved and started to lead a normal life.

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