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His story was an incredible one. In 2017, he entered into Immanuel Mercy Home Ashram. He was physically very weak and both his legs were rotten as well. He was brought by some social workers via Sakinaka police. They found him in the streets of Sakinaka, Mumbai. At that time, both his legs were wrapped with plastic sheet to prevent worms which were dripping down from his legs. In the initial state of his wounds, he used to pour out alcohol on wounds whenever he saw worms were coming out of his legs. His thought was the spirit of the alcohol would kill the worms. Unfortunately, it rapidly increased in his legs and started to creep up into other parts of his body. Consequently,the wounds emanated heavy reek in the air. Due to the overwhelming stench from his wounds, it was very difficult to someone to stand beside him. It took hours to clean his wounds. According to the doctor who examined him, both of his legs must be amputated below knee otherwise it would be a risk for his life because worms were penetrating into his other parts of the body. However, we trusted in God and did the treatment for him within the limited capacity of the Ashram. To the astonishment of every one, his body started to respond positively to the treatment quickly. It was a miracle today because he came back to good health and lead a normal life. Moreover, he started to walk with his both legs without any amputation. Most importantly, he stood without any problems in the marriage. Praise the Lord!

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