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What a wonder to be reunited with family members after 17 years! It is unbelievable but very true to the life of Salim Rehaman. His life story is a fascinating story. When he was rescued, he was without two legs, in sub-conscious state and had forgotten his own identity. His condition was terribly bad and afflicted with all sorts of scars and wounds all over his body. Moreover, he was lying on the streets of New Panvel with tattered clothes in a shabby condition.

After he was brought to the Ashram, he was taken good care and provided with necessary treatment with all possible ways. Hence, his body started to show improvement and his wounds were gradually healed. Later he revealed that he met with an accident at a railway station in Mumbai. As he was waiting for a train in a station after having fully intoxicated with drugs, he unexpectedly fell on the railway track from the station platform due to the crowd push. Unfortunately, the train abruptly ran over his legs. As a result, both his legs were cut off immediately on the spot.

He had no remembrance about his past when he came in the Ashram. As an unexpected miracle, he had subsequently recalled his past so that we could successfully contact his family. As they heard that Salim was alive, his elder brother quickly rushed to Mumbai from Bengaluru, Karnataka. The meeting of both brothers was a magnetic moment. As soon as they met, they recognized each other and suddenly hugged tightly meanwhile they cried in joy for a while. What a joy to be reunited with dear ones! Later, his elder brother stated that Salim had left them about 17 years ago. Nevertheless, the elder brother happily took his prodigal brother back home. It was an amazing moment in the Ashram.

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