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A tragic life turned into a happy life

The story of Tripti was very pathetic one. When she came to Ashram, she was only 20 years old and 8 months pregnant. Her mother tongue is Odia. She was born and brought up in Mumbai. She was working in a company in Mumbai where she fell in love with a man. That relationship went beyond the limit.

At the end, she got pregnant. As she unveiled her condition to her boyfriend, he started to avoid her. Shortly, he completely dumped her. At the same time, she was excommunicated by her family as they came to know about her pregnancy. They feared that the pregnancy out of wedlock would defile their family name in society. Simultaneously, she had to admit that she was alone without her family and lover. During such a pathetic time, a social worker by the help of Kapurbawdi Police brought her here. When she came to the Ashram, she was physically very weak and mentally very anguished due to the abandonment and cheating by the dear ones. This painful experience destroyed her tranquillity in life and hopes for the future. The situation was more depressing for her which eventually led her into mental agitation.

By the grace of God, Tripti’s life had started to change in Ashram through the continuous counselling, encouraging words and the atmosphere in the Ashram. Due the course of time, she delivered a beautiful boy, Blesson. Through the continuous interaction of Ashram with her family, her approach of them towards her had gradually changed. As a result, they agreed to accept her back home. Both stayed in the Ashram for more than one year. Now, she is happily living along with the child and also working in a company.

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